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Trials - Collective Exhibition


Trials is the section dedicated to the most experimental aspects of design. Trials are like "free-practice sessions" in which designers get free from the obligation to succeed in the short-term and make room for experiments in order to produce innovation. The collective exhibition presents a selection of young international designers: their works include prototypes, self-produced unique pieces but also small serial productions. The show stages the daily work of the designer, giving value to all the phases of the creative process.

Haha Sthlm
Vima collection, mirror
John Astbury
Corners, Piccolo
Giacomo Moor
21 grammi
Jacopo Ferrari
Jacopo Sarzi
Orange Squeezer
Mini Cruiser
Nick Ross
White Lies, Slab Series
Chiara Andreatti
Twinkle coffee table
Elisa Honkanen
UMI chair
Be Able E.V. Led by Weiw and Sara Ricciardi
Pancake project
Valeriane Lazard
Delfino Sisto Legnani
Stratos chair by Francesco Faccin
Daphne Zuilhof
Assembly Series
Louis De Belle
Failed Dioramas